Deutschland, Schleswig-Holstein 
I had an unintended insight to the public stream of the Diaspora network. I permitted all from internet to send me their channel posts. Was not what I really wanted and a great mistake. A few hours after changing that I noticed that I had received the public stream of Diaspora network on my network strem. A massive amount of post. 10 if not 100 times more than I see in the public stream of Hubzilla.

Ok, so I could see what is going on on this „other network“. And I was shocked. And now I know the real difference between Hubzilla and Diaspora. Beside the technical things it is: The quality of posts.

There were so many posts from Diaspora. But what? No discussions! Hundreds of single Posts with no reaction beside Likes. Pictures and Comics. And a massive amount of naked girls. Fortunately closed and marked with N S F W. But they even were nit safe for my wife watching over my shoulder, too ;-) Freaky. Almost like on facebook. A massive waste of lifetime.

A bunch of bullshit posts. Thats what I get from Diaspora. So I am glad o be a member of the Hubzilla Grid with so many great Hubzillians and really much interesting content and discussions. And that‘s it: The people mattersand the people make the social network.
:-) Yes, I added spaces, too ... the plugin is working well, that saved me from discussions :-D
I is a pity, that we don't have more UI devs here. I am absolutely not :-( With @Sean Tilley we have a just one man show on the theme topic. Great effort, but I am afraid that is not enough. UI is not only themes.
After my unintended experience with a public stream from Diaspora I have made a deeper look into it. And I have to slightly revisit my first impression. Found some contacts with very interesting content. @Passagier 451 for example reshares a whole bunch of fine stuff from Diaspora. So you have to select and filter to get rid of the massive amount of bullshit. In the grid I connect to very many channels and very seldom have to disconnect because of bullshit posts. Happens about five time I think.