@Hubzilla Development+ Exist opportunity to define this channel permission limits via settings in Hubzilla confg files?


#channelPermissionLimits #HubzillaConfg #HubzillaPermissions
@neue medienordnung plus To give someone the right to view your posts means you have a connection with someone. When you publish a post it is send to this someone and from then on it is out of your control. The rights you wanted is propagated to the contact, but it isn't mere than an advisory. You cannot control what the contact is doing with it. The receiving channel may even redistribute your post to the public.

That was my understanding, hope it is somewhat correct.
@neue medienordnung plus That's the thing with posts (and articles I assume). Files and Fotos are a different thing, because they are served directly from your channel and not send to receivers. So you have always control over your Files and Fotos.
I plan the network, that contains exclusively content from my own channels, my own nomadic identities. I plan this network for quick search in my own tagged content and in tagged #bookmarks .